Sterling Silver Watches – The History and Current Trends

November 20, 2019
sterling silver watches

The earliest history of sterling silver watches begins in the 1600s during the age of wrist watches becoming more decorated. The wrist watch was created for men to have an easier way of telling time rather than always having to use a pocket watch and worry about it breaking or dropping. Developing wrist watches that were very attractive to men and women was the driving motivation behind the future creations. By the 1900s the kinks and problems were being removed and an increase in sales began to happen worldwide.

Once soldiers during World War I begin to frequently use wrist watches because of needing the accuracy of time immediately while having to deal with other issues and carrying weapons, the age of pocket watches begin to rapidly die out and various types of wrist watches begin to emerge with top designers. Out of that came the prominence of silver watches that were created in various counties in Europe and sold well there before turning into a worldwide phenomenon. They started out being simple and the metal wasn’t as refined as it needed to be and had to be continually developed to withstand nature’s elements. By the 1950s, sterling watches became trendy in various designs and looks and became affordable for most consumers in the 1980s.

Silver watches for many years were only made for the high end luxury market. As other watch makers begin to discover other ways to create more expensive watches that featured gold and diamonds, in order for makers of sterling silver watches to continue to do well in business they had to come up with a way to create watches that the everyday consumer would embrace and had low cost pricing. Many creators of sterling silver watches during the 1970s and 1980s begin using stainless steel in their creations to combine luxury and accessibility to their watches while maintaining their quality.

Today many silver watches are decorative and have easy to read lettering on their watch faces that are circular and square shaped. They are water resistant and can be purchased in person or online at various discount retailers. Many prominent brands of sterling silver watches create fashionable watches with wristbands of various colors as well as watches with silver expansion bands that makes wearing the watch have a more comfortable fit and present a more elegant look in appearance.

Regardless of price, all of them have a high quality appearance in value. Because of the thousands of ways you can create and enhance sterling silver watches, they will continue to last and evolve for many years and be a valued gift to buy for loved ones and for your own jewelry collection.

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