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About p.o.p. candy co:

p.o.p. candy co. is an LA-based business that was created because of its founder’s affection and nostalgia for childhood, which led them to make a product that brought a smile to people’s faces and gave them the heart-warming feeling of innocence.

Today p.o.p. candy co is best known for their butter crunch treats which continue to be handmade in small batches. p.o.p. is proud to use clean ingredients like farmers market herbs, fine spices, and all-natural extracts when making their products. They also opt to use brown rice syrup instead of corn syrup so everyone can enjoy p.o.p. candy co special treats.

p.o.p. candy co. products are available online and in stores around the country including Bristol Farms, Erewhon Market, VicenteFoods, Nugget Markets, Draegers Market, and Plum Market.

Truffle Crunch Bars:

Besides their signature butter crunch, p.o.p. candy co also offers their special collaboration chocolate truffle crunch bars! These luxury chocolate bars available on the p.o.p. candy co website in curry+lime and cardamom+rose flavors. These artisan chocolate bars are sold for $7 each.


This dark and white chocolate rich spiced bar features a layer of Ococoa’s white chocolate lime ganache paired with p.o.p. candy co.’s c-c-c-curry butter crunch.

The complex warmth of our curry-cinnamon spiced blend rolled in chopped almonds & pecans tempers perfectly with the bright burst of Ococoa’s lime-infused ganache.

A rich and savory chocolate bar featuring p.o.p. candy co.’s rosewater cardamom buttercrunch with a layer of Ococoa’s creamy sesame tahini dark chocolate ganache. It’s an explosion of unique flavors that will fill you with an earthy combination of pistachios, sesame, rosewater, and cardamom.

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