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About Noodelist:

Noodelist is a premium plant based instant noodle brand. The idea behind Noodelist came about because of a love of noodles. However, like many people that can’t indulge in restaurant grade noodles everyday the founder of Noodelist, Thuong Tan noticed that there was a lack in the market for a healthy instant noodle alternative since all instant noodles that are sold in stores have a lack of nutrients and real authentic flavors. Although sometimes satisfying, a bag of regular instant noodles simply leaves you hungry and makes you think you should’ve gone for a healthier option.

With this concept of healthy instant noodles she set out to create Noodelist to introduce to the marketplace a premium plant-based version of instant noodles. Noodelist sources noodles that are nutrient dense, texturally pleasing, and combine a bespoke soup base recipe that was created by award winning chef Peterre Luoto. 


  • Rich in protein (10g)
  • Low fat (1g)
  • No MSG
  • Lowest instant noodle sodium intake per serving (960 MG)
  • Noodelist NoodlesEnvironmentally conscious packaging
  • Plant Based
  • Vegan

Noodelist Flavors:

There are currently two delicious noodle flavors to choose from.

  1. Lemongrass Vegan Chicken’ish
  2. Bold & Juicy Shiitake



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