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With the current surge of technology, available it is no surprise that the quality of filmmaking efforts has increased too. But as we all know, creating a movie is like painting a masterpiece, it requires hard work and specific tools to make that work of art come to life. For that reason you have to try out different mediums or camera equipment in this case, to figure out which one will help convey your message the best.

From experience, the most useful camera equipment has to be multi-use products, like the Spectrum ST4, created by eMotimo. What makes the Spectrum ST4 so unique is its ability to be a great stand alone product that offers an incredible motion control pan and tilt head. It has a 4-axis motion controller for cinematography and photography allowing you to capture shots more efficiently and with greater ease, than other products on the market.

Besides having 11 different motor move presets, you can also integrate the Spectrum ST4 with the Dana Dolly to truly capture some unique shots and visual effects. The Spectrum ST4’s 4-axis robotic mound makes it ideal for VFX and time lapse shots, due to its frame for frame repeatable technology.

eMotimo Spectrum ST4

Some of its most useful features have to be:

  • Ping Pong Mode, where you set up an A-B continuous move that gives way for smooth dynamic movement. This continuous loop movement is an especially useful function for interviews.
  • Complex Key Frames, allow you to set up to 9 individual keyframes for your camera moves as well as up to five keyframes for ideal time lapse sequences.
  • Repeatable Shots, are ideal for shooting VFX shots since regardless of the speed, changing source voltage or payload, the shot is the same every time due to the Spectrum ST4’s precise motion programming for focus, zoom or aperture control.

With so much control at your fingertips, and at half the cost of its competitors it is no surprise that the eMotimo company got recognized for creating such a useful product and was named a Red Dot Design Winner because of the Spectrum ST4.

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