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If you have a passion for sports, hitting the gym, or are just looking to pamper yourself you might have heard about the percussive therapy massage craze that is going on.  Percussive therapy provides rapid bursts of pressure into the tissue of the body to help stimulate muscles.

Many therapeutic-electronic brands have created specialized massage guns to serve as a form of soft tissue manipulation, to help muscles recover faster, reduce muscle pain and lactic acid build-up, improve range of motion and flexibility, encourage blood flow and much more.

Physical therapists and athletes alike have praised these massage guns for the convenience and ease of use. However, with so many of percussive massagers available on the market it can be overwhelming to try and choose one brand over another. That is why this review of the Drum percussive massage gun is here to help inform you of what makes this product so unique.

Drum Percussive Massage GunFeatures:

What sets the Drum percussive therapy massage gun apart from its competitors has to be its sleek design which features:

Drum Features

  • Six interchangeable attachments
  • Four speed settings
  • An adaptive pressure system
  • Ultra quiet brushless motor
  • Unique ergonomic grip that allows for improved reach


  • Pneumatic
  • Standard Ball
  • Large Ball
  • Flat
  • Bullet
  • SpinalDrum Attachments

Battery Life:

Ever Drum massage gun has over 3 hours of charge. That means once your massage gun is fully charged it can be used for twelve different 15-minute sessions.

To try out the Drum percussive massager for yourself head over to

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