Content Submission Guidelines

ShopDarr is kept alive by a community of different authors.

I am looking for contributors who want to submit affiliate content for this DA >30 site.

High quality posts, minimum 1500 words will be considered. Since the name of the site is ShopDarr, any shopping subject is acceptable, except for adult or spam.

Your content doesn’t need to be 100 percent original. If you have articles on your existing sites that didn’t rank because your site’s authority is not high enough, you are allowed to use it if you update the content, (it has a different title, etc.)

The purpose of ShopDarr is to give high quality shopping advice to its visitors. Therefore it is NOT a guest post submission site and you will not be allowed to submit a 500-word article to get a quick backlink.

No backlinks are allowed at all. However you are allowed to place your affiliate links in your content. They will be there for life and you are not required to share your earnings.

You can use any affiliate programs, not just Amazon, in fact you are encouraged to diversify. If you have a store selling a product, that is also acceptable.

Our guest authors are required to share their own content and other author’s content, do some promotion, backlink building if possible.

The idea is that if many authors work together this way, everyone’s results will be amplified because of the increased authority of the site.

There is no submission fee currently. Your fee is the work you put into your article and the promotion.

If you feel you can agree with the above terms, you can submit a message through my contact form.